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Saturday, June 22nd 2024

"I'm a travel junkie who's hooked on deals from YLW." - Chris Myden

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The Old Hawaii + Australia for ~$1000 CAD Roundtrip Trick

Hawaii and Australia

Breaking up a trip to Australia with an extended stop in Hawaii is a popular way to ease the long journey. It's pretty close to the halfway point.

Sometimes it's also significantly cheaper to buy 2 separate roundtrip tickets:
One from Kelowna to Hawaii, and one from Hawaii to Australia.

It can cost a lot less than a single roundtrip ticket to Australia.

In this blog post I'll go through a working example using some very cheap Hawaii-Australia fares that are available at the moment.

Flight 1: Kelowna to Honolulu, Hawaii

A Google Flights search shows flights in November from Kelowna to Honolulu, Hawaii on WestJet for $477 CAD roundtrip including taxes.

Let's pencil in November 7 to November 26 as our potential dates.

Flight 2: Honolulu to Sydney, Australia

This is the flight that's really the key. You'd probably want to book this flight before you booked Kelowna-Honolulu.. It's a lot harder to find a cheap flight from Honolulu to Sydney.

Jetstar is always the #1 suspect when it comes to a cheap flight from Hawaii to Australia. Every now and then they offer up a gem.

Right now Jetstar has some *very* cheap flights in November starting at $331 CAD roundtrip including taxes. (Note: When you go from Google Flights to the Jetstar website, the prices are in $USD. They should be around $245 USD roundtrip).

As a general rule you want your Hawaii-Australia flight to be around $600 CAD roundtrip or less to be worth your while.

With Flight #1 we penciled in November 7 to November 26 as our potential dates for Kelowna to Honolulu and back.

So for Flight #2 from Honolulu to Sydney we could potentially book November 9 to November 23.

This gives us a few nights in Honolulu on the way there, and a few on the way back.

Caveats & The Math

- Jetstar only includes 7 kg (15 lbs) of carry-on luggage with their base price and no meals. If you want a more realistic price with 30 lbs of carry-on and meals, add around $270 CAD roundtrip. So it would really be around $600 CAD roundtrip for the flight from Honolulu to Sydney.

- Adding up the cost of the 2 roundtrip flights, ($477 + a more realistic $600, we get $1077 CAD roundtrip.

For comparison a regular roundtrip flight from Kelowna to Sydney, Australia in November currently costs $2600-$2700 CAD.

Of course, as you probably realize, spending time in Honolulu is not free. A typical couple could easily spend $200/person per night for accommodation alone.

Our $1500-$1600 savings (per person) on flights would be lowered by spending 4-5 nights in Honolulu.

So you really have to consider the stop in Hawaii to be a bonus addition of the vacation experience, and a nice place to get some rest, to be worth it.

- Your 2 roundtrip tickets have absolutely no association with each other. If something happens with one of the flights, the airline involved with the other flight has no responsibility to help you. This is why it's a good idea to give yourself at least a few days in Hawaii on both ends of the trip. If you cut it too close with say, just 1 night in Hawaii, you could be asking for trouble if there are any delays or cancellations.

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